​I came to Caryn to improve my tone and explore my range for personal reasons and working with her has been an enlightening experience thus far.  She is extremely talented and an incredible teacher. I have learned so much from her and have improved tremendously in such a short period of time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to pursue a professional music career or simply just for personal reasons like myself!
Kristel B, Architect

Her teaching is like a successfully designed space -- fresh, clever, stimulating and alive.  It fuses together technique and creativity to bring harmony, balance and purpose.  Even after the first lesson, I felt a new sense of power.

Judith R, Interior Designer

I've struggled with my voice breaking when I'm tired.  Caryn's exercises and guidance help me get through the night no matter how I'm feeling.  The show must go on and it does!

Lynnette P,  Professional Singer

Caryn is exactly the instructor I was looking for. Each lesson is approached with a friendly and fun attitude.  She offers a nice balance of technique and practical singing advice without getting bogged down in academics.  I found that I could put her teachings to use immediately.
Matthew C, Professional Musician

  • Vocal power, freedom & dynamics
  • Increasing range
  • Breath control & support
  • Performance skills, microphone technique
  • Finding your truly authentic voice

Top Ten Reasons to Sing


  1.  It’s big fun!

Whatever your experience & goals are as a singer or speaker, I can help with:


I’ve been a cheerleader all my life.  I’m not just here to instruct but to encourage, support & cheer you on in reaching & accomplishing your goals.

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September 2016

Loving my third season with the Miami HEAT as a Golden Oldies dancer!!!


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April 20, 2014

ReverbNation - I'm #2 in the R&B/Soul chart for Fort Lauderdale!!!

April 16, 2014

Just found out today is World Voice Day, same day Vox1Power.com goes live online!

Wow!  Synchronicity!!!

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