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That's my CD over there, and it's my first solo album.  Happiness is...

You can find out more about it & me & my story on my other website, www.CarynRaeRobin.com.  Or click on the CD to purchase. Please visit

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That very happy gal is me, Caryn.  The moment was captured “in between” shots at the photo session, and as you can see, the moment was joyous.
Before he hung up the phone and said "I love you" or when he sent a note, my dad would always say "Enjoy!"  It's certainly been one of my personal mantras, and singing has put me in joy for as long as I can remember.  As a professional singer, entertainer, dancer, teacher, voice-over actor, inline skate dancer, recording artist and groove aficionado, I have spent most of my life finding & sharing the joy.  Music has been my vehicle and although not without big bumps, the ride has been extraordinary. As a voice teacher & vocal performance coach, strong technique & good physical health is imperative to sustain a career & a voice. The intangibles, i.e. the spiritual, emotional & psychological elements, are what allow us to grow & hopefully soar. Several folks have recently suggested that I become a life coach. I think as a vocal & performance coach, "life" is an integral component. So for now, if you're looking for voice lessons in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area, let's see how I can help you & your vocal instrument grow to realize its most powerful potential.


A little bit of my story...

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Yes, I studied Latin in high school, hence, vox.  

"If I cannot fly, let me sing." - Stephen Sondheim

"The only thing better than singing is more singing." - Ella Fitzgerald